Gravestones to the East of St. Peter’s Church


There are several gravestones to the East of St. Peter’s church that visitors may wish to see for themselves or descendants, researchers or family historians to find out more about in person or on-line.

These images give details of what can be seen on those gravestones so weathered by time and history.

The images below show the gravestones individually. Sadly heavy weathering makes some of the gravestones partially illegible. However they are all included for completeness and for reference. The stones shown are both standing and lying.

Gravestone 1

Gravestone 2

Gravestone 3

Gravestone 4

Gravestone 5

Gravestone 6

Gravestone 7

Gravestone 8

Gravestone 9

Gravestone 10

Gravestone 11

Gravestone 12

Gravestone 13

Gravestone 14

Gravestone 15

Gravestone 16

Gravestone 17

Gravestone 18

Gravestone 19

Gravestone 20

Gravestone 21

Gravestone 22

Gravestone 23

Gravestone 24

Gravestone 25

Gravestone 26

Gravestone 27